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Why a Massage?
Massage was invented centuries ago. Massage is one of the best known remedies to relieve stress. Reducing stress increases and balances your energy and relieves pain. When you are in pain, or your movements are restricted, you are unable to enjoy your body and your life the way you like to.


Every day stress, repetitive movements on the job, household accidents and sports injuries can cause temporary or even, when untreated, permanent problems in your muscles. Tight muscles tend to restrict blood flow and are more prone to injury.


Muscles can become so contracted that they press on nerves in arms, hands, legs and/or neck. This will give you a feeling of pain, tingling or numbness in the area of the pressed nerve.



What will you feel during a Massage?
On normal tissue, massage is a pleasant sensation, which will give you a very relaxed feeling.


Massage in an area of chronic pain or an injury, may at first cause some discomfort. Always let your massage therapist know when you feel any discomfort, so he or she can make adjustments. A regular massage helps to achieve a feeling of well being and to maintain optimum health.


On your first appointment, your massage therapist will ask you questions about your medical history. Always tell your massage therapist if you have a medical problem, even a minor one. Also, let your family doctor or primary health care practitioner know that you are receiving massage therapy.



Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage is a massage in which the massage therapist will use a variety of manual techniques designed to relieve stress, promote relaxation and general wellness in a person who has no definable health problems.



Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage is a massage in which the massage therapist will use a variety of manual techniques designed to relieve stress and promote relaxation, mobilize various structures, relieve pain and swelling, prevent deformity and promote functional independence in a person who has a specific health problem.



Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment in which pressure is applied to reflex points on feet, hands or ears.


Stimulating these reflex points helps promote relaxation, improves circulation, stimulates vital organs and encourages the body's natural healing processes.


Most people find reflexology to be very relaxing.



Insurance Coverage
Your personal health care plan may provide coverage for massage therapy.


Worker's compensation plans may also cover massage for work related injuries. In some cases, car insurance will cover massage therapy.



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